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A tribute VR game to Attack on Titan

Make shure Steam is open and running, Unzip the folder wherever you want, and launch "Attack on titans fan game.exe"

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Okay so everything besides what I am going to outline in this post is GREAT, however, my only gripes are (and I know it is extremely hard to fix this sort of stuff): it would feel miles more immersive if the swords were longer or had a longer hitbox, the grappling system is good but would feel way better if it actually took you to where you aimed your targets (the majority of AOT's battles happen on rooftops and it is curently INFINATELY hard to get onto the roofs), you need to see the grappling targets at all times, more AOT-looking titans would help, having the jump button being a face button on rift would help, and better lighting would help.

Thank you so much for your consideration,

-a fan

hi everyone im new to the game. i downloaded it and when i start the game up it puts my camera in the ground and i cant move or select anything, Would anybody be able to assist me please

You're playing in VR right? If you are, I dunno what else would be wrong. There's my failed attempt at helping.


Are there any plans to make this for windows mixed reality too?

Remarkable graphics, I love the detail, however I cannot use ANY button on my controller or keyboard to click the play button, or any other option in the menu. I'm using Index controllers if that helps. Any workaround for this?

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Hi, I think someone has made input mapping from index on discord, check it ;) 


I only own a quest and don't have a steam account or know much about steam, is there anyway to play this game without using steam?

If you're asking if there's any other way to sideload it to your quest, because without sideloading or virtual desktop there's literally no way to play this,  you're out of luck. To play this, you need Steam VR. Literally any pcvr indie game requires Steam VR, correct me if I'm wrong.

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Okay so i made a account just to leave a comment and review, and let me start off with this.. This game looks REALLY good, but the movement felt off. As a person who loved the anime and the video games of the AOT series, i felt really excited for this, and i still am. The main concerns i have are the grappling is really weird, i feel like there should be a manual pull mode, so you can shoot the grapple but you can reel into it later. Now there is a AOT game on the OCULUS QUEST with side quest that did this, and the movement in that game felt SO GOOD, But the models and combat is not to great in that version. There is also a reticle in that one so you know where you are aiming and i like how you can only shoot if the grapple makes it, but i was pointing around aimlessly trying to lock onto the titan and not knowing where to aim in this version. Now let me say, I love you for making this game and i will continue to play it, but the movement i fell would be way better off to something like the manual grapple mode. Keep up the work because this is a literal dream for me. Also i feel like the jump button should be different because i always accidentally activate the snap turn when i do this.

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I like it but it could use some improvement such as the swords staying in your hand, the rope doesn't auto lock on to titans, detachable swords, when you die it shows the titan eating you, make the hit boxes bigger, etc

also the titan form is really weird for me it doesn't kill titans like it should do

could you pleaaaseeeee add a sideloadable apk for quest????

Currently i don't have a quest, so i can't port it to quest as apk, also it requires to make the entire code from scratch, however you can play it connectin quest to pc: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FsUGO74Dlzw&t=61s

thank you

Endless levele generator ;)

When i have the music off it keeps on coming back whenever i become a titian. I'm fine with this but it can get annoying having to keep on turning down the music. This game is really fun keep at it.


i love the new update but i couldn't figure out how to turn to a titan so i assume it's time based.

also i would never be able to beat the bosses so that sucks.

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Very fun video :D

You can become a titan on normal mode, if health goes down to 40% ;) 

Can this happen more then once?

can u fix it were u can turn and jump please .thx

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you can join to discord server (https://discord.gg/edfzdKA) if you like, and see here current controls for vive/oculus on info channel. turn is on development.


i had no idea how to work the 3rd person camera but i will in the next video ill make and i had a lot of fun playing it nonetheless. thank you for making such an awesome game!!

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Loved it! - I had a few bugs and had to re-start the game 3-4 times becuase my ropes got stuck into the scenery. Also on the Oculus Rift S controller no way to get back into the main menu without a restart.

Premiere Video here:


Hi, thanks for the great game! Here's my first gameplay after trying out the controls in training mode if you want test footage. I'm not sure how I managed to get that score haha. I've encountered a few bugs like titans spawning in buildings and my anchor still being attached to the female titan after it died (which caused my death). 

Other than that it's awesome! Will follow your updates closely and recommend to friends. Keep it up! :)


Thanks for the video report! i will add this bugs to the roadmap ;) if you like join to the discord channel here: https://discord.gg/edfzdKA

Quick suggestion, could you add a setting that makes it so the grappling hooks pull you in faster? I want some faster gameplay. Great game too, can't wait to see where it goes!


Similar to a previous commenter, my view just keeps spinning to the left the whole time. I'm using ALVR to stream the game to my Oculus Quest. I know you're developing it with the Vive, but I hope there's an easy fix for this! Other than the spinning the game looks very well made!

I'm publishing a update that fix this just now (4.3.8)


I've tried it and its just... excellent. But I've just sold my Oculus Rift to update to Oculus Rift S and... it's not supported :(

Will it soon be supported by Oculus Rift S ?

I miss it XD

Anyway, keep going it's excellent !!!

and... do you have a discord ?

there's another attack on titan vr in development like you by an individual, he's helped by testors and other people giving a hand with textures, modeling, things like that and it helps to do some publicity...

shouldn't you do the same ? I'd be the first member (after you of course XD)

Rift S does work, I use it

Thanks for the info, good to know (i'm developing it using only htc vive)

It's working ! I've just installed the rift S, maybe that is why it didn't worked at the first place. :)

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thank you Gwenwhyvar :)

Currently i'm using steamvr plugin and windows platform, i dont know what sdk uses rift s currently

i really love this update its so awesome! farthest i got was the armor titan cause my hook shots mess up and never get the right amount of points for my titan shifting but heck still really cool!

i just keep spinning

Hi, what headset are you using? rotation should only occur when you use left touchpad/thumbstick

im using the rift, btw thank you it kinda worked. But if you could add snap turning that would be great, this is the first time i have played a vr game with smooth turning and it is also the first time that a vr game has made me motion sick. But other then that great game really fun! Best aot vr game out there.

Thank you, I try to find all ways to drop down motion sickness, but on this type of game it's very hard.

Anyway, yes, I can add snap turning on next updates


This is simply amazing! i love this little demo so much and have always hoped for a aot vr game to get published

Btw are you working alone or with anyone else on this project? Im not so good at programming but have done it for a while so i would love to help on this project!!!

Thank you! Currently i'm working alone, it's a small project, I don't think I can make collaborations for now, but thanks anyway


Thank you so much for this

You welcome ;)

hmmm idky but for me i cant kill any titans, lemme redownload

nvm got it

It works?


yep n_n


This is awesome! Keep up the good work!



You don't know true terror until you run out of gas and hear the ground rumble behind you. Nice little demo, although i was really hoping the Titan would eat me instead of just stomping on me


is on the way ;)

oml u dont know how happy i am to see a good attack on titan game i rlly loved this and im hoping for it to have a good future! maybe one day there'll be titan shifting?

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Thank you!

if I can, in the next updates I will give the opportunity to transform into a Titan ;) 

thank you so much! keep doing you best and make sure not to push yourself to hard :3